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one public answering point for all

Providing Public Safety with Consolidated Dispatching

Consolidated Since - 2014

The St. Joseph County 911 Consolidated Communications Center has been consolidated since 2014 and is the 9-1-1 PSAP (Public Safety Answering Point) responsible for dispatching police, fire and EMS for the entire St. Joseph County and it's residents.

All dispatchers are certified Emergency Medical Dispatchers, Emergency Fire Dispatchers and Emergency Police Dispatchers. Our professionally trained and skilled dispatchers are ready to answer your call for assistance and send the appropriate resources for your needs.

- Julie Tobey

Executive Director

A 911 Family

We are a thin gold line family that alway has eachothers back.

Always Available

Providing the best possible service for our community around the clock.

Call For Service

We are 911... always here to help no matter what the call is.

Ready to Join Our Family?

A career as a 911 dispatcher is fast-paced, hectic, and above all else, rewarding. Dispatchers are the first link as a part of the emergency response system. It takes a remarkable person to do a dispatcher's work, and it is not suited to everyone.

Before you apply for a dispatcher position, you should decide if emergency services dispatching is right for you. We have taken the guesswork out of your decision by compiling a list of truths about the job so you can better understand if a 911 dispatcher job is right for you.

2023 Call and Dispatch Statistics


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Favorite Hobby? - Anything with art!<br> Morning person or night owl? - Morning!<br> Reading or Movies? - Movies!<br> Pets? - 3 Cats.

Dispatcher / Summer 2022

Favorite Hobby? - Go to dog parks or beaches<br> Morning person or night owl? - Night Owl<br> Reading or Movies? - Movies<br> Pets? - A Rottie.

Dispatcher / Summer 2022

Morning person or night owl? - Night Owl<br> Reading or Movies? -Movies<br> Pets? - 2 Dogs

Dispatcher / Summer 2022

911/Emergency Quick Tips:

Did you know that you can text 911 during an emergency?
Of course, we would always prefer that you actually call 911 and speak by phone, but sometimes that is just not possible.

Here are some tips on how to use the Text to 911 feature:
1. If you can, include your location and what help is needed in your text message.
2. Be clear and don’t use abbreviations or slang.
3. Stay calm, respond to questions, and follow instructions from the 911 dispatcher.

Calling 911 can save valuable time in an emergency. Some people aren’t sure when to call 911. They call 911 for reasons other than emergencies. To complain about barking dogs, to ask directions, to report the power is out, to check on road conditions, doesn't constitute an emergency.

Remember, calling 911 is for real emergencies; situations when you need police, fire, or an ambulance in a hurry. When people don’t use 911 properly, or abuse the system making silent or abusive calls, they tie up the phone lines and make it hard for others who really need help right away to get through.

We receive several unintended 9-1-1 calls every day, from pocket dials to hang-ups. Please follow these simple tips to help prevent them:

  • Use your cellphone’s key lock to help prevent accidental calls.
  • Don’t program 9-1-1 into any telephone — speed dials cause accidental 9-1-1 calls.
  • If you’ve recently called 9-1-1, please delete the call from your cellphone’s call history
  • Please do not test 9-1-1 to see if it’s working.

If you dial 9-1-1 accidentally, stay on the line and tell us. If you hang up we don’t know if you are okay and will have to call back. 

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